How to choose your MC

by MC Fog

January 2, 2016

photo credit: Olive Photography; Rita Kravchuk Photography

A couple invited guests to their special event. The time has come and they are on their way to join the celebration. Are they all coming in exact same mood? – Of course not.

Let’s say, we talk about a wedding, and let’s also assume that the bride and the groom are both excited, slept well, rested and enjoy every single moment of that day. There is definitely certain percentage of guests that fully share these emotions and that are happy to be at the wedding. There is another group of people that are happy but tired. There is a group of people that are not tired, but are pretty calm about the event. Possibly there are people that hardly even know the couple, but felt that they must accept the invitation. There could be some other people that were invited because the couple felt uncomfortable not inviting them.

In any case, they are all here to share the moment. Some of them are open for communication and ready to party, others are waiting to be entertained. The third group does not expect anything of the event.

And here comes the MC. How will the MC convert the audience into one happy group of people that equally enjoy every single moment of the party? How to find such person?

  1. The moment guests enter the venue, they should not be “unattended”. I don’t mean they should be followed, but they must be welcomed; there must be some background music, possibly some special lighting that sets up the expectation for a good party. Guests should not look for their table in complete silence in an empty room with lights turned off.
  2. A good MC will have everyone’s attention throughout the event. Depending on their personalities, guests may actively participate in contests and ceremonies, watch the action, listen to what’s going on, think in the same direction or at least share the moment. All these types of reaction are good. To achieve that, MC must prepare a good program that will be verified with or approved by the client.
  3. There should be no pauses in the event. If the band goes for a break and the meals are served, there should be something at least on the background to keep the atmosphere – it could be background music or special lighting - it does not have to be a stand-up comedy.
  4. MC should pay attention to details, predict guests’ reaction to and try to direct the event accordingly. MC must be able to resolve conflicting situations in a tactful and friendly manner.
  5. MC should control the logistics of the event, the schedule and its implementation.
  6. MC must be creative and charismatic, someone who cares about THIS event and only about THIS event that is why hiring an MC that cares and participates in details of the event is important.
  7. Last but not least, the MC is your guest. Invite someone that you really like.