We are happy to be working with an outstanding team of entertainment professionals - DJ's, MC's, bands and single performers, magicians, dancers, acrobats and more...

Yan Markson

Yan Markson is a professional mentalist, magician, and MC born in the Soviet Union, and raised in a Russian circus.

Andrei T

Andrei T is a talented student who has been amazing audiences with close-up, in your face magic for over 10 years. He has consistently brought energetic, interactive, and dynamic shows to the Greater Toronto Area. Bringing together his passion for illusion and experience in engineering, he has developed a modern style to connect with today's audiences. Andrei has performed for many corporate clients, as well as countless weddings and private parties. If you want to see something impossible happen right in your hands, you should definitely invite Andrei to perform at your event.

Jack Spade

Jack Spade has a mysterious and entertaining approach that leaves everyone with their mouths agape, full of disbelief of what is real, funny, or merely an illusion.

Show Features

An energetic act featuring elements of dance, flexibility, and object manipulation. The performer gracefully moves around the dance floor while spinning multiple hula hoops.