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MC Fog

Dmitry’s journey into event hosting began when he was a child. His father was an actor, so Dmitry was exposed to performances and stage shows from a young age. He got to see things both from the audience’s perspective and from a behind-the-scenes vantage point.

MC Adrienne Fish

With a huge afro and a love of pulled pork sandwiches, Adrienne Fish has been making her mark on Canada’s comedy scene. Based out of Toronto, she was

MC Damian Sogren

Actor, Director, Master of Ceremonies (MC), TV/Radio Host, Hype-man and Brand Spokesperson are just some of the hats which theversatile Damian Sogrenhas worn in his career. In his current capacity as MC and media practitioner, Damianuses his unique charm, wit and energyto connect with various audiences at festivals, musical showcases, weddings, corporate functions, private gatherings and a plethora of other events. When it comes to his duties as host, Damian’s universal approach is seamlessly complimented by hisdistinctive Caribbean flavour and execution. Due to his exposure to both the Caribbean and North-American markets his style can be described as “Island Rustic” meets “Urban Chic”.

MC Rainbow Chan

Rainbow Chan was a former radio broadcaster at the Canadian Chinese Broadcast and television talk show host at Omni 2 Television Station. She has earned an impressive line-up of experiences in stage performance as well as in local entertainment industry since 2004. As an active participant in local community, Rainbow has performed frequently as an emcee and singer for an immense amount of charity events, cultural celebrations, beauty pageants, and weddings. Rainbow Chan is not only an experienced, dedicated and professional emcee but is also a certified wedding planner.

MC Meena Ma

Meena Ma, a popular TV hostess from China, has a great record of successful events hosted in Mandarin and Cantonese.