Show Features

Show Features

Hulla Hoop Contortionist

An energetic act featuring elements of dance, flexibility, and object manipulation. The performer gracefully moves around the dance floor while spinning multiple hula hoops.

This aerial gymnastics routine features a performer showcasing extreme strength and grace while moving about int he aerial hoop. The impression of an aerial dance is created as the performer moves from one pose to the next.

Two strands of material support an aerial gymnast as she moves about in the air. The act features climbs, drops and rolls that seem to defy gravity all set to a piece of music.

A beautiful performance suitable for all ages and any occasion. Doves fly and perform tricks at the command of their trainer in a beautiful display of grace. Lots of great picture opportunities.

A fun and engaging performance suitable for all ages and any occasion. Children and adults alike are charmed by the poodle family as they roll jump trough hoops, walk on hind legs and skip on a skipping rope. Lots of audience participation and picture opportunities.